RH Kensington vs. Casco Bay Furniture Kingsbridge Chesterfield – Review

What You Should Know About Our Kingsbridge Tufted Sofa

The Kensington Tufted Sofa is a classic Chesterfield design made popular by several Catalog Companies. Compare our Kingsbridge Leather Sofa to the Restoration Hardware Kensington Sofa and the Arhaus Wessex Sofa. Our version of this sofa, the Kingsbridge is handcrafted in a state of the art manufacturing facility in Taylorsville, North Carolina. It is manufactured by Jonathan Wesley Furniture. The owner of our factory Tim Shook and his uncle, Norm Shook founded a company in the early 70’s called Taylor King Furniture, considered to be one of the premier upholstery manufacturers in the industry. They later sold Taylor King to Hancock and Moore. After the sale Tim ran the plant for this company, eventually leaving and reopening as Jonathan Wesley Furniture. Several of Tim’s upholsterers joined him at Jonathan Wesley. As you can see from this little bit of history, our factory owner has been making high quality upholstered furniture for over 40 years.

Casco Bay Furniture’s Kingsbridge sofa is available in 8 sofa sizes, sleep sofas, numerous sectional configurations, 2 seat depths, custom sizes and either 1, 2, 3 or 4 seat cushions. Your choice of legs and leg finishes. Choose from a selection of nailhead trim or choose no nailheads. Casco Bay Furniture traditional hand-knotted, 8-way hand-tied construction with a 5/4 Maple frame. The Ultimate in durability and comfort! Hand Crafted in North Carolina.

Casco Bay Furniture traditional hand-knotted, 8-way hand-tied construction with a 5/4 Hardwood frame. The Ultimate in durability and comfort! Hand Crafted in North Carolina.

So what’s different about our Kingsbridge sofa? How does it compare to Restoration Hardware’s Kensington Sofa?

We have improved on a good thing. Our Kingsbridge sofa is handcrafted exclusively in Taylorsville, North Carolina. The quality leather furniture capital of the world. It is never imported from China where the Restoration Hardware Kensington is produced. In addition to the quality features of a North Carolina produced product, domestic hand crafting makes it easily serviced should the need ever arise, should you accidently damage your furniture. Our sofas are never subject to the harsh conditions often found in overseas containers. Overseas containers often contain chemicals such as DMF, Dimethyl Fumarate, used to prevent mold. Our frames are made of 5/4 Appalachian Maple, not hardwood plywood commonly used in the industry yet referred to as hardwood frames. Our spring construction is built to the Gold Standard, which is True 8 Way Hand Tied Hand Knotted Springs. This spring system is a complex spring system taking hours to build. The system is comprised of four layers, with steel banding across the base of the frame (like a checkerboard). It is built to last for decades with proper care. Restoration Hardware for example, uses what is referred to as a drop in coil spring system on their Kensington sofa. What exactly does this mean?

Typical Drop-In-Coil System. This drop in system is generally floated and screwed into hardwood plywood frame but referred to as a hardwood frame.

The Drop in Coil System used in the Restoration Hardware Kensington Sofa is essentially a pre-manufactured spring system. It typically resembles a wire box with springs tied and clipped to the premanufactured unit that is floated on top of a hardwood plywood frame and screwed into place. This pre-manufactured system is not built into the frame and as a result, does not contribute to the torsional strength of the frame and spring.

No Sag, Sinuous Spring suspensions set into hardwood plywood frames found on the
Wessex Sofa From Arhaus and Pottery Barn’s Chesterfield sofa.

No Sag, Sinuous Spring suspensions set into hardwood plywood frames, (but again referred to as hardwood frames) are typical of the spring construction  used by other Catalog Companies making Kensington styled sofas, such as the Arhaus Wessex Tufted sofa and Pottery Barn’s Chesterfield sofa. A sinuous, no-sag spring system is no more than an s-shaped wire stretched across a frame every 6″ to 9”. A Sinuous Spring is also hard on your cushions as it creates a firm surface that only moves in one direction, up and down.

We offer 5 upgraded cushion options on our Kingsbridge sofa for a nominal fee. These include our softest cushion, called a Reflex cushion which is a combination of Ultracel soy based foams of varying softness with a down blend wrap. Ultracel 1.8 21 foam with a down blend wrap for a medium softness and Ultracel 2.5 25 with a down blend wrap for a firmer cushion. We also offer two version of our Ultracel Spring Down cushion which is our most popular cushion. Ultracel Soy-based foam is a high-quality foam lasting substantially longer than regular foam. Restoration Hardware’s Kensington Sofa, Arhaus’s Wessex sofa, and Pottery Barn’s Chesterfield do not offer these cushion options. Our cushion cores are all domestically produced in Hickory N, C. Our cushions are never imported from China.

Tufting – Real Tufting and Pre Tufting. What’s the difference?

The last point I wanted to discuss is the method of tufting used in our furniture. Tufting is a dying art. There are very few tufters left in the industry. Our tufters use the traditional method of tufting using a long 12” tufting needle where the button tuft is anchored behind the leather with heavy duty batting. It is a time consuming and difficult process to master. Many manufacturers would like to offer tufted furniture but they cannot find tufters to accomplish this difficult task.

As a result, most tufted sofas sold today are actually not really tufted but employ a method called pre-tufting. In pre-tufting, the tufts are sewn into the leather and then a button with a 2” nail on the end is inserted into the sewn in tuft and anchored by a metal clip behind the leather. A common problem with pre-tufting is some of the metal anchoring clips often fall out or loosen leaving a very unsatisfactory appearance. It is also very difficult to repair a pre-tufted sofa.

And saving the best for last, in spite of the quality features found in our sofa, cost less than the Kensington and the Wessex sofas and includes more such as no sales tax and a free in home delivery in most states. And our sofas are delivered by a private delivery service. The same drivers that leave NC will set up your furniture in your home. No Freight Transfers which often result in damage.

Our Kingsbridge sofa is offered in a wide variety of full aniline dyed leathers from the world’s leading supplier of high-quality leather, Moore and Giles but we also offer the Kingsbridge sofa in fabric in a Customers Own Material.

We also make Kingsbridge sofas and sectionals with all with all their quality features in a fully tufted version called the Brighton which you can compare to the Restoration Hardware’s Cambridge Sofa.

Casco Bay Furniture’s Fully Tufted version of the Kingsbridge Sofa called the Brighton.
Compare to Restoration Hardware’s Cambridge sofa

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