RH Cloud vs. Casco Bay Furniture Cloud – Review

What You Should Know About Our CB Cloud Sofa

The Cloud Sofa is a mid-century modern design made popular by several Catalog Companies. Compare our CB Cloud Leather Sofa to the Restoration Hardware Cloud track Arm Leather Sofa. Our version of this sofa took us months to develop and is unique in the industry. The seat is extra plush (likened to sitting on a cloud after break in). Our customers have told us that this is one of the most comfortable sofas they have ever sat on and we would have to agree. Our 5/4 hardwood frame and 8 way hand tied spring system is covered with 2 ½” of plush gel memory foam. Our comfy frame is then covered in one of two cushion options depending on your comfort level. We call the seating, cloud seating due to the construction of the base and spring, system. Descriptively, as you sit on the sofa you will find your body sinking into a cloud of softness which is comprised of a down wrapped cushion or an all down cushion with the gel memory foam base beneath the cushions. The gel memory foam has an important advantage, however, as the seat regains its shape upon standing due to the characteristics of the gel memory foam. We also offer this sofa in fabric in a customers own Material. Pricing in fabric and yardage are noted on our price page.

Casco Bay Furniture Cloud Leather Sofa in Italian Mont Blanc Wolf.

Casco Bay Furniture traditional hand-knotted, 8 way hand-tied construction with a 5/4 Hardwood frame. The Ultimate in durability and comfort! Hand Crafted in North Carolina.

So what’s different about our sofa?

We have improved on a good thing. Our sofa is handcrafted exclusively in North Carolina. The quality leather furniture capital of the world. It is never imported from China making it easily serviced should the need ever arise, should you accidently damage your furniture. Our sofas are never subject to the harsh conditions often found in overseas containers. Containers from China shipping upholstered furniture will often contain a chemical called Dimethyl Fumerate (DMF) to control the growth of mold. Our frames are made of 5/4 Appalachian hardwood, not hardwood plywood commonly used in the industry yet referred to as hardwood frames. Our spring construction is built to the Gold Standard, which is True 8 Way Hand Tied Hand Knotted Springs. We have also added a spring edge to this sofa for added comfort. This spring system is a complex spring system taking hours to build. The system is comprised of four layers, with steel banding across the base of the frame (like a checkerboard). It is built to last for decades with proper care. RH for example, uses what is referred to as a drop in pocketed coil spring system on their version of the Cloud sofa. Sounds fancy but what exactly does this mean?

Drop-In-Pocketed Coil System typical of the type used on the Restoration Hardware Cloud Track Arm Leather Sofa. This drop in system is set into a hardwood plywood frame referred to as a hardwood frame.

The Drop in Pocketed Coil System used in the Restoration Hardware Cloud Sofa was derived from the mattress industry and does not have the durability or longevity of a traditional 8 way hand tied spring system. The pocketed system is not built into the frame and as a result does not contribute to the torsional strength of the frame and spring. Essentially it is a preassembled unit comprised of a series of small springs encased in fabric. Typically the wooden frame of the sofa is turned upside down and a polypropylene fabric called “FLW” is stapled in place covering the base of the frame. The frame is turned back over and glue is sprayed on the poly. The pocketed unit is then glued to the Poly. This type of spring system is generally floated on a plywood frame. Restoration Hardware uses a hardwood plywood frame referring to their frame as hardwood.

No Sag, Sinuous Spring suspensions set into hardwood plywood frames, (but again referred to as hardwood frames) are typical of  the spring construction  used by other Catalog Companies making Cloud styled sofas. A sinuous, no sag spring system is no more than an s shaped wire stretched across a frame every 6″ to 9″.
Our Cloud sofas do feature luxurious 100% sterilized down and feather seat cushions with a 1.5″ Ultracel soy based foam core for stability as well as down blend back and side cushions.

And saving the best for last, in spite of the quality features found in our sofa, it cost less and includes more such as no sales tax and a free in home delivery in most states. And our sofas are delivered by a private delivery service. The same drivers that leave NC will set up your furniture in your home. No Freight Transfers which often result in damage.

We do stock a wide variety of leathers from Moore and Giles, the worlds largest supplier of high quality aniline dyed leather. We also offer our Cloud sofa in fabric in a Customers Own Material (COM) at attractive prices. The yardage and cost in fabric are posted on our Cloud page.

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